Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions or issues, please email us from the app's settings.

  • Is this a free app?

    It is a freemium app. Free version has restrictions which can be unlocked by a one-time payment for:

    Unlimited cards & customization

    Unlimited entries per day

    Advanced drill down statistics

    Face Id/Touch Id/Passcode security

    Dark mode, beautiful themes, fonts and more!

  • Where is the app data stored? Who has access to it? How secure is the data?

    The app data is stored in your device and in your iCloud account only.

    Only you have access to it.

    The app data is encrypted on the device’s disk using Apple’s Data Protection feature.

    Please read the Privacy Policy for more information

  • Is this a subscription based app?

    No, you pay once to use across iPhone, iPad & Mac.

  • How to purchase the app?

    App can be purchased through the Apple's App Store by tapping the lock icon shown within the app

  • I have purchased but features are still locked

    Try hard-quitting the app and launch the app again. If issue persists, tap lock icon shown within the app and then tap Restore Purchases. If issue still persists, please contact us from Twif App > Settings > Questions > Email

  • Does this app need internet connection to work?

    Works offline, no internet connection needed except during subscription purchase and iCloud sync

  • I forgot my passcode for the app. How do I reset it?

    App passcode is stored in your device's keychain and hence cannot be recovered. Please uninstall/reinstall the app.

  • How to transfer the app data from old device to new device?

    Sign in to your new device with the same iCloud account used in old device. When you install the app on the new device, the app data is automatically restored from iCloud

  • How to sync between iPhone, iPad, Mac?

    The app data is automatically synced across iPhone, iPad and Mac operated under the same iCloud account

  • How do I get a refund?

    Apple handles all purchases and refunds. Please see for instructions.